VolleyFire, liquidity provider for decentralized exchanges

I created VolleyFire to solve liquidity issues that all decentralized exchanges face.  When I first started using decentralized exchanges on Ethereum, they were barren wastelands.  Most order books were so empty that you could see an entire book on 1 inch of screen space.  This amazing technology was completely unusable.  The ability to perform trustless wallet-to-wallet trades was possible; however, there were no trading partners.  And to make things worse, the price spreads were awful and the user experience was brutal.

Many large teams of people set out to build trading protocols and simplify the user experience.  But very few even considered addressing the liquidity issue.  Everyone said, “if we make the tool, users will come”.  But they never came.  And as a result, there was no liquidity for users to trade with.  I’ve found that people genuinely want to use decentralized exchanges but are faced with too many hurdles.  As a result, users stay on centralized exchanges purely out of convenience, UI/UX, and liquidity depth.

I’m confident that the future of digital assets involves blockchains and direct wallet-to-wallet trading through decentralized protocols.  VolleyFire plays a critical role in enabling that future.

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